Siddique Kappan

Sidhique Kappan Versus State Of Uttar Pradesh- SLP (Crl.) No.7844 of 2022- Supreme Court Of India Judgment Dated- 09.09.2022

The highlights of the Order are as under: 

We have been taken through some of the documents placed on record. At this stage we refrain from dealing with and commenting upon the progress and investigation and material gathered by the prosecution in support of its case as the matter is still to be taken up at the stage of framing of charges. However, considering the length of custody undergone by the appellant and in the peculiar facts and circumstances we direct as under:

  • The appellant shall be produced before the concerned Trial Court within three days from today; and the Trial Court shall release him on bail, subject to such conditions as the Trial Court may deem appropriate to impose to ensure presence and participation of the appellant in the matter pending before it.
  • It shall be the conditions of bail : i. Upon release, the appellant shall stay in the city of Delhi and within the jurisdiction of Nizamuddin police Station and shall not leave the city of Delhi without express permission of the trial court; that the appellant shall record his presence in the concerned police station every Monday in a register maintained for the purpose; that this condition shall be applicable for first six weeks from the date of release. ii. After six weeks, the appellant shall be at liberty to go back to his native place and stay at Mallapuram in Kerala but shall report at the local police station in similar fashion that is to say on every Monday and mark his presence in the register maintained in that behalf.
  • As permitted by the Trial Court, the appellant shall either in person or through a lawyer attend the proceedings before the trial court on every single date.
  • The appellant shall deposit his passport if not already deposited with the investigating machinery before his actual release.
  • The appellant shall not misuse his liberty in any manner and he shall not be in contact with any person(s) connected with the present controversy in question [Full PDF Judgment].

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