• Who We Are

  • Hello Counsel is a professionally managed FULL CIRCLE LAW HELPLINE, based in New Delhi, India. It is manned and managed by a very highly talented, dedicated and upright professional team. Reputed lawyers, leading law firms and superbly trained Human Resource (HR) Consultants across all major cities in India are associated with it. 

    Hello Counsel renders legal consultancy on a range of legal issues. It has both, in-house, as also empanelled lawyers & law firms to attend to queries of any sort and attend the Cases of its Clients all over India. The legal professionals at Hello Counsel are knowledgeable and expert in their field of practice.

    Hello Counsel helps Companies, LLPs & Firms all over India in acquiring all sorts of clearances & permissions from the concerned Authorities- statutory, mandatory & regulatory. Mandatory-Compliances by Companies, LLPs & Firms is one area in which its Corporate legal team possess adequate expertise. It also entertains Retainer-Ship-Requests from its Corporate Clients. 

    Human Resource (HR) Consultancy is one of several other core activities which the Hello Counsel is into. The HR Consultancy Team of Hello Counsel has also been splendidly catering to the sustained need of its clients, providing them all sort of consultancy, including helping them in recruiting/ hiring, drafting and making all logistic arrangements, like Visa & Immigration, for their employees and workforce.  

    Hello Counsel provides referrals for all sorts of litigation all over India. Litigation referral is one of our core practices. We help our clients find knowledgeable and experienced lawyer & law firm from the very town where they have any legal issue. It also ensures that the lawyer & law firm it arranges is well within the budget of its clients. 

    Litigation referrals of Hello Counsel cover the following fields of law:- Corporate, Business & Commercial; Employment, Labour & Industry; Tax; Intellectual Property Right [IPR]; Matrimonial & Family­; Consumer; Negotiable Instrument Act [NI Act]; Civil; Criminal; Writ; Public Interest Litigation [PIL]; Special Leave Petition [SLP]; Service; Banking; Arbitration; Cyber & IT Law; Right To Information [RTI]; Contempt Of Court; Etc.

    The Legal Team of Hello Counsel has been tirelessly practicing before diverse Judicial, Quasi-Judicial & Regulatory Fora- the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, High Courts of various States, the District Courts, Family Courts, Labour Courts, Consumer Forum, State Consumer Commission, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission [NCDRC], Company Law Board [CLB], Debt Recovery Tribunal [DRT] and various other Boards, Commissions, Forums & Tribunals, all over India.

    Our experienced lawyers, at Hello Counsel, have diversified experience in varied fields of law and provide full range of Legal Research Services and Written Legal Opinions to private and public sector companies, firms and individuals. Our Case Law Research, digging into multiple Govt. regulations, and rendering of Legal opinions particularly includes Corporate Laws, Mergers And Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Employment and Industrial Relations, Immigration, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Real Estate, etc.

    Hello Counsel, in the first place, has its own empanelled lawyer(s) & law firm(s) all around India. In the event of it having no empanelled lawyer in the town where its clients have legal issues, it arranges to send its in-house lawyer(s) at an affordable cost.       

    Hello Counsel further undertakes referral requests for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), i.e. the Mediation & Conciliation between the parties, pre & post institution of the cases in the courts of law in India. For this task, it engages trained mediators & conciliators who use special negotiation and communication techniques to help the parties to come to an amicable settlement. Hello Counsel always prefers, unless it carries contrary brief, to take to this recourse purely because of the conviction of its Legal Team that the litigation should be avoided at the first instance. Even if the adversary party forces litigation on our clients, we try and get the bone of contention resolved at the earliest available opportunity, during the pendency of the case in the courts and/ or out of courts.

    Hello Counsel renders legal consultancy on a range of legal issues. It has both, in-house, as also empanelled lawyers & law firms to attend to queries of any sort. The legal professionals at Hello Counsel are knowledgeable and expert in their field of practice. Hello Counsel renders legal consultations by following ways & means:

    • Meeting in our Law Offices
    • Telephonic Conference
    • Video Conference
    • Online Chat Sessions
    • Written Legal Opinions
    • E-mail Communication.

    Hello Counsel has a very dynamic and experienced team of professionals. It strives to provide the highest quality of service to its clients. Its Legal Team responds with promptness and lives up to the commitments that Hello Counsel makes. Its Legal Team always tries and have an analytical perspective of what they have been fed with and use the same as a master key to resolve the issues being confronted by the clients of Hello Counsel. The only aim of Hello Counsel is to add real value to its client/ visitors' lives which takes a lot of passion, effort and time by its dedicated Legal Team.   

    Hello Counsel, has a dedicated team of professionals who monitor and keep track of every inch of the matter assigned to the lawyer & law firm and keep updating its clients on the stages of the proceeding in the court, i.e. the court orders, the next date of hearings & the case filing status, etc.

    Ultimate mission of Hello Counsel is to maintain high level of integrity, mutual faith and render to its clients an impeccable and outstanding professional legal service with strong emphasis on ethics.

    Kindly CLICK HERE or e-mail us at office@hellocounsel.com if you are facing any legal issue and want to have Legal Consultations with the empanelled Lawyers/ Law Firms at Hello Counsel.

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