• Transfer Petition

  • In District Court, High Courts & Supreme Court of India 

    Where a Petition has been presented to a District Court of competent jurisdiction by a party to marriage praying for any matrimonial relief like,  a decree for a Judicial Separation, or a Decree of Divorce, and another Petition of the similar nature is presented thereafter by the other party to the marriage praying for the same relief, whether in the same District Court or in a different District Court, in the same State or in a different State, the parties to such Petitions might seek transfer of other Petition to be clubbed with his/ her Petition.  The concerned District Court is the Courts of competent jurisdiction for such Transfer Matters, if the transfer is sought from one Court to another within the same District. The concerned High Court happens to be the Courts of competent jurisdiction if the transfer is sought from one District to another. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India commands the jurisdiction in Cases where the transfer is sought from one State to another.

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