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    Rent Control Act was an attempt by the Government of India to eliminate the exploitation of tenants by landlords. Rent legislation tends to providing payment of fair rent to landlords and protection of tenants against eviction. But the allowances have been very generous and hence tenants residing in rental properties in India since 1947 continue to pay rents fixed then, irrespective of inflation and the realty boom. The Rent Control Act has led to several adverse situations like languishing investment in rental housing, withdrawing of existing housing stock from the rental market, stagnating municipal property tax revenue.  

    The Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958 [The Act] is the sole statute which governs the rent issues in Delhi. The Act provides for the control of rents and evictions and of rates of hotels and lodging houses, and for the lease of vacant premises to Government in certain areas in the Union territory of Delhi.

    The Act defines basic rent & standard rent in relation to any premises. The Rent Controller is the competent authority for the purposes of the rent issues. The Act provides for protection of the tenants under following legal provisions- Section 14(1)(a)- Section 14(1)(b)- Section 14(1)(c)- Section 14(1)(d)- Section 14(1)(e), Section 14(1)(f)- Section 14(1)(g) & Section 14(1)(h). The Act further provides right to recover immediate possession of premises to accrue to certain persons. The Act contains special procedure for the disposal of applications for eviction on the ground of bona fide requirement, as also for the deposite of rent. Hotel & Lodging houses is what are governed by the Act. It contains specific provision for appointment & powers of the Rent controller, as also the appellate avenues before the Rent Control Tribunal [RCT]. In rent matters, the jurisdiction of the Civil Court is barred.

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