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  • Judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India & High Courts all over India act as precedents for the lower judiciary. As per Article-141 of the Constitution of India, the judgments passed by the Supreme Court are binding on all courts within the territory of India. Likewise, High Courts’ Judgments are binding on the Courts below, all over the State where the High Court is situated.

    Judgment Research is a very complex issue, as it involves a thorough examination of the law of the land keeping in mind the merit of the particular Case, which has its own peculiar facts and circumstances. And, then, judgment & Orders of the Superior Courts are also examined in the same breath. The Judgments & Citations on any legal issue are a matter of deep research from various Law Journals, like All India Reporter (AIR) & Supreme Court Cases (SCC), Supreme Court Reports (SCR), Judgments Today (JT), Criminal Law Journal (CrLJ), etc. It always brings better results if such researches are conducted under the guidance of a Legal Professional.  

    Hello Counsel has on its panel a battery of lawyers who are expert in digging out of the law journals the Judgments of the Supreme Court of India & High Courts of various states. Our lawyers put in their entire experience at stake to ensure that the judgments they find for our clients are squarely applicable in the cases of clients.   

    We have endeavoured to compile on varied issues the judgments & Orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the High Courts of various States. To Lay Hands On Judgments & Orders, Go To The Related Link [Subject-Wise].



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    Cause Titles Of The Judgments At A Glance

    A G C R Co-Op Housing Building Society Ltd Vs. Pankaj Kumar [Full PDF Judgment] | Akshay Chaudhary & Anr. Versus University Of Delhi & Anr. [Full PDF Judgment ] | Arjun Mallik vs. State of Bihar | Abdul Latif Abdul Wahab Sheikh-B. K. Jha [Full PDF Judgment] | Abdulla-State Of Delhi | Abdulrahim Abdulmiya Pirzada-State Of Gujarat | Anju Choudhary Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh [Full PDF Judgment] | Abati Bezbaruuah-Depury Director General, Geological Survey of India | Abhishek Shukla-High Court Of Judicature, Allahabad | Abu Salem Abdul Qayoom Ansari-State of Maharashtra |  Adalat Prasad-Rooplal Jindal [Full PDF Judgments] | Adil - State | [Full PDF Judgment] | ADM, Jabalpur - S. S.Shukla [Full PDF Judgments] | Ajaib Singh-The Sirhind Co-operative Marketing Cum-Processing Service Society Limited | A Jayachandra-Aneel Kaur | Ajay Maken-UOI [PDF Judgment] | A.L.A. Firm | Amardeep Singh-Harveen Kaur [Full PDF Judgment] | Amarmani Tripathi | Ambica Quarry Works-State [Full PDF Judgment] | Central Industrial Security Force Vs. Abrar Ali [Full PDF Judgment] | Ambrish Kumar Shukla | Amit Kapoor-Ramesh Chander | Animal Welfare Board of India-A. Nagaraja [Full PDF Judgment] | Ankit Sharma-Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar | Anokha (Smt.)-State of Rajasthan and Others [Full PDF Judgment] | A.R. Antulay-Ramadas Sriniwas Nayak [Full PDF Judgments] | Arnesh Kumar-State Of Bihar [Full PDF Judgments] |Aruna Rodrigues-Union of India | Arun Jaitley-Arvind Kejriwal [Full PDF Judgment] [Full PDF Judgment] [Full PDF Judgments] [Full PDF Judgment]| Arun Jaitley-State Of U.P [Full PDF Judgment] | Arushi Talwar-Nupur Talwar-Rajesh Talwar-AllHC | Arvind Kejriwal-Amit Sibal [Full PDF Judgments] Arvind Kejriwal-The State Of U.P [Full PDF Judgment] | Asgar Yusuf Mukada-State of Maharashtra | Ashok alias Dangra Jaiswal-State of Madhya Pradesh [Full PDF Judgment] | Ashok Chaturvedi-Shitul H Chanchani [Full PDF Judgments] | Ashok Chawla-Ram Chander Garvan, Inspector | Ashok Sharma-UOI | Ashish Khetan-Union Of India | Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd.-Director Of Income Tax, | Atlas Interactive (India) Pvt. Ltd.-Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited | Asraf Ali-State of Assam | Avinash Kumar-State [Full PDF Judgment] | Avinder Singh-State of Punjab | Azadi Bachao Andolan-Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Babloo Chauhan Alias Dabloo-State Govt. Of Nct Of Delhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Babubhai-State of Gujarat [Full PDF Judgments] | Baij Nath Prasad -Madan Mohan Das | Baljeet Singh (Dr.)-State NCT Of Delhi | Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board- R. Rajappa [Full PDF Judgment] Bansi Lal-State of Haryana | Basavaraj R. Patil and Others-State of Karnataka | Basti Sugar Mills Co. Ltd.-State of U.P  | Bhadresh Bipinbhai Sheth- State Of Gujarat | Bhagwant Singh-Commissioner of Police | Bhajan Lal: State of Haryana and Others -. Ch. Bhajan Lal and Others [Full PDF Judgments] | Bharat Aluminium Co. - Kaiser Aluminium Technical Service, Inc. | Bharati Press - Chief Secretary| Bharwada Bhogin Bhai Harji Bhai - State of  Gujrat | Bina K. Ramani – State [Full PDF Judgments] Binod Kumar-State of Bihar | B Karunakar [Managing Director ECIL Hyderabad-B. Karunakar- Board Of Control For Cricket-Cricket Association Of Bihar-Bobbili Ramakrishna Raju Yadav & Ors. - State Of Andhra Pradesh | Bobby Art International etc. Vs. Om Pal Singh Hoon | BPTP Ltd. - CPI India Limited | Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. - Inderpal Singh | B.S. Joshi-State of Haryana | Calcutta Discount Company Limited - Income Tax Officer | Custodian of Evacuee Property Bangalore, The Vs. Khan Saheb Abdul Shukoor etc. [Full Pdf Judgment] | Central Bank of India SC ST Employees Welfare Association-Chairman and Managing Director, Central Bank of India | Centre for PIL and Another - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Central Inland Water Transport Corporation Ltd - Brojo Nath Ganguly | Chander Sen-Commissioner of Wealth-tax, Kanpur [Full PDF Judgment] | Chinnaswamy Reddy-State | Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights-State of West Bengal | Common Cause - Union of India [PDF Judgment] |Central Board Of Trustee Vs. Employees Provident Fund Appellate Tribunal [EPFAT] [Full PDF Judgment] C.C.E.-Raghuvar (India) Ltd | Central Secretariat Club - Geetam Singh | Centre for Environment Law, WWF-I - Union of India | Centre For PIL- Union Of India |  Challapalli Sugars Limited-Commissioner of Income Tax | Chand Devi Daga- Manju K. Humatani [Full PDF Judgment] | Chander Bhan- State | Chaturbhuj - Sita Bai | Chitra Sharma - Airline Allied Services Ltd | Cipla Ltd.-Union Of India | Comed Chemicals Ltd.- C.N. Ramchand | CJAR-Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms Vs. Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Common Cause - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Commissioner of Income Tax - Poddar Cement P. Limited | Common Cause - Union Of India | Christian Medical College Vellore-Union Of India | CTO- Anti Evasion-I, Kota [NCB] Vs. M/S Anand Minerals Pvt Ltd [Full PDF Judgment] | Crossword Entertainment Private Limited - Central Board Of Film Certification- [Full PDF Judgment] | Insurance And Investments -Vipul It Infrasoft Pvt. Ltd. [Full PDF Judgment] | D - P Alias R [Full PDF Judgment] | Daljit Singh-Sukhwinder Kaur | Dalmia Resorts International Pvt. Ltd. - Deepak Gupta | Dalpat Kumar - Prahlad Singh  [Full PDF Judgments] | Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited Vs. Malvinder Mohan Singh (Ranbaxy Case) [Full Pdf Judgment] | Damodar Lal - Sohan Devi | Danial Latifi & Anr. - Union Of India | Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar: State of Punjab- Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar | Daya Singh Lahoria-Union of India | DHBA [Delhi High Court Bar Association]- Union Of India | Debendra Nath Padhi- State of Orissa | Deepak Khosla-Montreaux Resorts Pvt. Ltd.-Delfi as-Estonia | Delhi Gymkhana Club Limited Vs. Alok Mehndiratta [Full PDF Judgment] | Devender Kumar - Khem Chand | Dhananjay Reddy Vs. State of Karnataka [State of HP Vs. Mast Ram- Rajesh Kumar Vs. State] | Dhanaj Singh Alias Shera - State Of Punjab | Dineshbhai Chandubhai Patel Vs. State of Gujarat [Full PDF Judgment] | Dhanwanti Devi-Union of India | Dinesh M.N. (S.P.) - State of Gujarat | Disabled Rights Group & Anr.-Union Of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Divyansh Arora, Master - Union Of India [Full PDF Judgments] | D. K. Basu - State of West Bengal [Full PDF Judgment Dated: 24.07.2015] [Full PDF Judgment Dated: 18.12. 1996] [Full PDF Judgment Dated: 01.08. 1997] | Don Ayengia- The State of Assam | Doongar Singh-The State Of Rajasthan [Full PDF Judgments] | Dunlop-Asst. Collector Of Customs OF Central Excise Chandan Nagar | D. Venkatasubramaniam - M.K. Mohan Krishnamachari  | Energy Watchdog - Union Of India | E.V.Chinnaiah- State of Andhra Pradesh- [Full PDF Judgment- Part-I | Part-II] | Phantom Films Private Limited Vs. The Central Board of Certification | F.A. Pictures International Vs. CBFC | Fashion Design Council Of India Vs. Govt. Of NCT Of Delhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Federation Of Hotel And Restaurant Associations Of India Appellant - Union Of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Francis Coralie Mullin - The Administrator, Union Territory of Delhi | Gangadhar Janardan Mhatre - State of Maharashtra | Gautam Kundu- Directorate   of   Enforcement (Prevention of   Money Laundering   Act),   Government   of India | Geeta v. State (Govt. of NCT of Delhi)  [Full PDF Judgment] | Union Of India V. P. Gunasekaran [Full PDF Judgment] | Geeta Mehrotra and anr. - State of U.P. [Full PDF Judgment] | Gian Kaur - The State Of Punjab | Gian Singh - State of Punjab |GNCTD [Government Of National Capital Territory Of Delhi]- Union Of India | GKN Drive Shafts (India) Limited - Income Tax Officer |  Goa Plast (P) Ltd. - Chico Ursula D'souza  | Gurucharan-Singh - Union Of India  [Full PDF Judgment] | Gurcharan Singh - State (Delhi Admn.) [Full PDF Judgment] | Guria, Swayam Sevi Sansthan - State Of U.P. | Goloconda Linga Swamy-State | Gotan Lime Stone- State Of Rajasthan | G. Sagar Suri  - State of U.P. | Gurbaksh Singh Sibbia & Ors., - State of Punjab [Full PDF JudgmentFive Judge Constitution Bench] | Gurmit Singh- State of Punjab | Harish Uppal, Ex-Capt. - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment-I] [Full PDF Judgment-II] [Full PDF Judgment-III] [Full PDF Judgment-IV] | Harshad S. Mehta Securities Scam-CBI-Coodli Ravikumar | Haryana Financial Corpn.-Kailash Chandra Ahuja | Hemant Satti - Mohan Satti  [Full PDF Judgment] | Hussain and Anr.  Vs. Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Himani Malhotra  Vs. Indraprastha College For Women [Full PDF Judgment] Hem Chand - State of Jharkhand  [Full PDF Judgment] | Hina - Union Of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Hindu Front For Justice -State Of U.P. | Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.-State of Jharkhand  [Full PDF Judgment] | Hiral P. Harsora-Kusum Narottamdas Harsora  [Full PDF Judgment] | Honey Preet Insan - State [of Delhi] [Full PDF Judgment] | H. N. Jagannath - State of Karnataka  [Full PDF Judgment] | H. Lyngdoh & Ors. - Gromlyn Lyngdoh | HDFC Bank Ltd.  Vs. Prem Power Construction Pvt. Ltd.-CO. [Full PDF Judgment] | Hridaya Ranjan Prasad Verma - State of Bihar  [Full PDF Judgments] Independent Thought  Vs. Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Inox Wind Ltd. Vs. Thermocables Ltd [Full PDF Judgment] | Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Vs. S & D Hospitality [Full PDF Judgment] | Indian Airlines Ltd. - Prabha D Kanan | Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) (P) Ltd. -Union Of India | Indian Hotel & Restaurants Assn. & Others- State of Maharashtra | Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering - Union of India | Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.-Amritsar Gas Service- Indore Development Authority-Shailendra [Full PDF Judgment] [Pune Municipal Corporation - Harakchand Misirimal Solanki] [Full PDF Judgment] [Full PDF Judgment] | Indra Sarma -V.K.V. Sarma  [Full PDF Judgment] | Indra Sawhney - Union Of India [Full PDF Judgment] |International Asset Reconstruction Company Of India Ltd. - The Official Liquidator Of Aldrich Pharmaceuticals Ltd. | Ishaan Research Lab -Commissioner of Central Excise- Ishwari Prasad Mishra - Mohammad Isa | Jafar Abbas Rasoolmohammad Merchant - State Of Gujarat | Jaya Bachchan vs. Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Jagdish-State of Uttaranchal | Jagdish Thakkar – Delhi | Jagmohan Bahl v. State (NCT of Delhi) | Jagmohan Singh Bhatti - Union of India | Jurah [Customs Vs. Juarah & Anr.] [Full PDF Judgment] | Jail Reforms-Re-Inhuman Conditions | Jamiluddin Nasir v. State of West Bengal | Jamshed Ansari - High Court Of Judicature At Allahabad | Janata Dal- H.S. Chowdhary [Full PDF Judgments] Jyoti Puri Vs. Pawan Gandhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Jairnail Singh-State of Uttarakhand | Jasbir Kaur-State | Jasbir Kaur Sehgal - Distt. Judge, Dehradun [Full PDF Judgments] | Jessica Lal Murder-Sidhartha Vashisht Alias Manu Sharma [Full PDF Judgments] | Jyoti Puri Vs. Pawan Gandhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Jitendra - State Of M.PSC  [Full PDF Judgment] | J Jayalalitha-State [Full PDF Judgments] | Joginder Kumar - State Of U.P. | J S Gill- State-Jaspal Singh Grill | K.A.Abbas Vs. Union of India | Kailash Chandra Agrawal - State Of U.P. } Kali Prasad Agarwalla - Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. [Full PDF Judgment] | Kalyan Chandra Sarkar - Rajesh Ranjan [Full PDF Judgment] | Kuldeep  Vs. Union Of India- W.P.(C)- 8470 of 2015- DelHC-04.01.2018 [Full PDF Judgment] Kamini Lau, Dr., Ld.- Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.-Delhi Auto General Finance Pvt. Ltd [Full PDF Judgment] | Kamlesh Kumari - State of Uttar Pradesh [Full PDF Judgments] | Kamleshkumar Ishwardas Patel - Union Of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Kanhaiya Kumar - State Of NCT Of Delhi  [Full PDF Judgments] | Karthik Gangadhar Bhat - Nirmala Namdeo Wagh | Kashi Math Samsthan – Srimadsudhindrathirthaswamy | Kesavananda Bharati Sripadagalvaru- State of Kerala [Full PDF Judgments] |Kashmeri Devi - Delhi Administration | Keshub Mahindra-CBI | K G - State Of Delhi [Full PDF Judgment] |  Khanapuram Gandaiah | Kapur Chand Godha Vs. Mir Nawab Himayatalikhan Azamjah | Kharak Singh V. State | Krishna Kumar Singh  Vs. State Of Bihar [Full PDF Judgment] | Khursida Begum (D) - Komammad Farooq | Khushwant Singh V. Menaka Gandhi | K. Karunakaran v. State of Kerala [Full PDF Judgments] | K.M. Mathew-Kerala  [Full PDF Judgment] | K.M. NANAVATI - STATE OF MAHARASHTRA | Konda Lakshmana Bapuji-Govt of A.P. [Full PDF Judgment] | Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd.-Kamal Chauhan | Krishna Veni Nagam-Harish Nagam [Full PDF Judgment] | Krishan Chander Nayar -The Chairman, Central Tractor Organisation | Krishna Bhatacharjee - Sarathi Choudhury | Krishna Janardhan Bhat - Dattatraya G. Hegde | K. Srinivas Rao - D.A. Deepa [Full PDF Judgment] | Kuldeep Singh - State, Crl. M.C. No.3387/2014, Judgment dated- 25th August, 2014, Ved Prakash Vaish, J, Delhi High Court [Full PDF Judgment] | Kush Kalra Vs. Union Of India & Anr. [Full PDF Judgment] |Krishna Mohan Kul @ Nani Charan Kul  Vs. Pratima Maity [Full PDF Judgment] | Keshav Dutt v. State of Haryana | Kurukshetra University - State of Haryana | Kusum Lata Sharma  - State  [Full PDF Judgment] | Kusum Sharma  - Mahinder Kumar Sharma [Full PDF Judgment Dated-14.01.2015] [Full PDF Judgment Dated-29.05.2017] | Lakshmi Kant Pandey - Union of India | Lalit Mohan Madhan - Reliance Capital Ltd. [Full PDF Judgment] | Lata Pramod Dave - M/s. Mode Export Private Limited | Lata Singh - State of U.P. [Full PDF Judgment] | L. Chandra Kumar - Union Of India [Full PDF Judgments] | Lekh Raj-State of Himachal Pradesh | Lily Isabel Thomas – Unknown | Lily Thomas – UOI | Macquarie Bank Limited  - Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd. [Full Pdf Judgment] | Madan Kansagra - Perry Kansagra [Full PDF Original Judgment-17.02.2017] [Full PDF Review Judgment-11.12.2017] | Madhu Limaye |  Madras Bar Association - Union Of India | Madras Petrochem Ltd. – BIFR | Mahesh Chandra Gupta - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Major Singh - State of Punjab | Makemytrip (India) Pvt Ltd - Union Of India | Mala Devi - The State Govt. Of NCT Of Delhi | Maneka Gandhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Mange Ram Jain - Jatinder Kumar Jain | Manik Taneja - State of Karnatka | Manohar Lal Sharma, - The Principal Secretary.-  | Manoj-Sharma-State [Full PDF Judgment] | Manoranjana Sinhg | Manubhai Ratilal Patel Ushaben Vs. State of Gujarat | Manu Sharma - NCT of Delhi | Maheshwari Mandal (Delhi) Vs. The State Of Delhi [Full PDFJudgment] | Maria Margarida Sequeirafernandes-Erasmo Jack De Sequeira | Marguerite Chawla - Kiran Abnashi Chawla | Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. - Additional Commissioner of Income Tax | Mattel, Inc. & Anr - Ms. Aman Bijal Mehta [Full PDF Judgments] | Medical Council of India - G.C.R.G. Memorial Trust [Full PDF Judgment] | M.C. Mehta - Union Of India | M.C. Mehta - Union of India | Manharibhai Muljibhai Kakadia & Anr. Vs. Shaileshbhai Mohanbhai Patel & Ors. [Full Pdf Judgment] |  Medical Council Of India -. Christian Medical College Vellore | M. Nagaraj - Union Of India  [Full PDF Judgment] |  M.N. Ojha-Alok Kumar Srivastav  | Union of India [NCB] Vs. Mohanlal  [Full PDF Judgment] | Moin Akhtar Qureshi – UOI [Full PDF Judgment] | Motilal Vohra-Subramanian Swamy | Moti Ram - State Of M.P.  [Full PDF Judgment] | Mukesh Kumar  Vs. NDMC. [Full PDF Judgment] | M. S. Shoes East Ltd. -M.R.T.P | Mukesh Jain -CBI | Municipal Council Ratlam - Shri Vardichan  [Full PDF Judgment] | M. Pentiah Vs. Muddala Veeramallappa | Muniswamy L- State Of Karnataka  [Full PDF Judgment] | News Nation Networks Private Limited Vs. News Nation Gujarat [Facebook Case] [Full PDF Judgment] Nachiketa Walhekar - Central Board of Film Certification [Full PDF Judgments] | Management Of Narendra & Company Private Limited - The Workmen Of Narendra & Company | Narinder Singh-State of Punjab | National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited-Union of India | National Kamgar Union  Vs. Kran Rader Pvt. Ltd. [Full PDF Judgment] | Nagaiah Vs. Chowdamma | National Federation Of The Blind Vs. Union Of India [Full PDF Judgment-DelHC-17.07.2014] [Full PDF Judgment-DelHC-12.09.2014] [Full PDF Judgment-SC-08.10.2013] | Assistant Collector of Central Excise, Calcutta Vs. National Tobacco Company of India Ltd. | Naveen Jindal -Zee Media Corporation Ltd | Naveen Kohli Vs. Neelu Kohli [Full PDF Judgment]| Navjot Sandhu alias Afsan Guru-State (NCT of Delhi [Full PDF Judgments]- Navneet Arora- Surender Kaur [Full PDF Judgment] | Narendra Vs. K. Meena [Full Pdf Judgment] | Naz Foundation-Delhi - Govt of NCT of Delhi [Full PDF Judgments] | Nar Singh - State of Haryana | Nedunari Kameshwaramma - Sampati Subba Rao  [Full PDF Judgment] | New India Assurance Co. Ltd. - Hilli Multipurpose Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd. | Nikhil Merchant - Central Bureau of Investigation | Nirbhaya Case-Ram Singh [Full PDF Judgments]  [Full PDF Judgments] | Naima Khatoon Vs. Government Of India [Full PDF Judgments] | Niranjan Singh Karam Singh Punjabi - Jitendra Bhimraj | Nagendra Nath Bora & Anr. Vs. Commissioner of Hills Division and Appeals, Assam [Full PDF Judgment] | Nirmal Singh Kahlon - State of Punjab | N. M. Thomas- State Of Kerala & Anr. | Nitin Kumar - State [Full PDF Judgment] News Nation Networks Private Limited Vs. News Nation Gujarat And Ors.- C.S. (COMM) 334/2016- DelHC-22.12.2017 [Full PDF Judgment] | Nitish Katara Murder-Vikas & Vishal Yadav [Full PDF Judgments- 02.04.2014 | 06.02.2015] [03.10.2016]| Nitya Dharmananda Alias K. Lenin - Sri Gopal Sheelum Reddy [Full PDF Judgment] | Nityanand Sharma - State of Bihar | N R Vairamani- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. | Om Parkash Sharma - Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] | Official Liquidator Vs. Dayanand [Full PDF Judgments] |  Pacquik Industries- The Pradeshiya Industrial & Investment Corporation Of U.P. Ltd. | Union Territory, Chandigarh Administration Vs. Pradeep Kumar | [Full PDF Judgment]Padal Venkata Rama Reddy @ Ramu- Kovvuri Satyanarayana Reddy | Pappu- State Of Maharashtra [Full PDF Judgments] | Parkash Singh Badal - State of Punjab | Patel Field Marshal Agencies Ltd-PM Diesels Ltd. | Pawan Kumar & Ors. - State of Haryana [Full PDF Judgments] | Pepsi Food Ltd. & Anr. -Special Judicial Magistrate | Pfizer Limited & Anr Petitioners-Union Of India | Philip David Dexter - State | Pentel Kabushiki Kaisha Vs. Arora Stationers [Full PDF Judgment] | Piara Singh [State of Haryana & Ors. Vs. Piara Singh | Prakash Babulal Dangi Vs. The State Of Maharashtra | Phulwari Jagdambaprasad Pathak - R.H.Mendonca | PKH - Central Adoption Resource Authority | Ponty Chadha Alias Gurdeep Singh Chadha Shootout Case- State  [Full PDF Judgments] |  Pooja Bhatia v. Vishnu Narain Shivpuri | P.P. Sharma-State of Bihar | Pradip Burman - Income Tax Office | Prahlad Singh Bhati-NCT, Delhi | Prakash Chand-State of Rajasthan [Full PDF Judgments] | Prashant Bharti - State of NCT of Delhi | Prakash Jha Productions Vs. Union Of India | Prateek Gupta - Shilpi Gupta [Full PDF Judgments] | Praveen Mehta - Inderjit Mehta | Pravin Vijaykumar Taware - The Special Executive Magistrate, Baramati, Pune | Preeti Gupta-State of Jharkhand [Full PDF Judgment] | Preeti Satija - Smt. Raj Kumari  [Full PDF Judgment] | Prithvi Cotton Mills Limited, Shr-Broach Borough Municipality | Priya Parameswaran Pillai-Union Of India | Public Interest Foundation – UOI | Pune Municipal Corporation - Harakchand Misirimal Solanki [Full PDF Judgment] | Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association, Chd. - State of Punjab | Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit Vs. State of Maharashtra [Full PDF Judgment] | Justice K S Puttaswamy-Union Of India |  Rahul Gandhi . Dr. Subramanian Swamy | Raghav Chadha-State [Full PDF Judgment] | Rahul Mehra – UOI | Rai Sahib Ram Jawaya Kapur - The State Of Punjab | Rajasthan Breweries Ltd.-The Stroh Brewery Company | Rajdeep Sardesai - State Of Andhra Pradesh  [Full PDF Judgments] | Rajesh Sharma - State of U.P [Full PDF Judgments] | Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case-T. Suthenthiraraja,P. Ravichandran,Robert Payas, S Nalini - State By D.S.P., CBI, SIT, Chennai [Full PDF Judgments] | Rajinder Kumar-State of Haryana |  Rajiv Thapar-Madan Lal Kapoor | Raj Kumar Bhatia-Subhash Chander Bhatia [Full PDF Judgment] | Raj Narain- State of UP [Full PDF Judgments] | Raj Talreja  - Kavita Talreja [Full PDF Judgment] | Ram Krishan Bhardwaj (Dr.) - The State of Delhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Ram Manohar Lohia- State of Bihar | R.S. Dahiya  Vs. State- (Through Nct Of Delhi) [Full PDF Judgments] | Ram Narayan Singh Vs. The State of Delhi | R. and M Trust-Koramangla Residents Vigilance Group­ [Full PDF Judgment] | Ranjitsing   Brahmajeetsing  Sharma-State   of Maharashtra | Ran Vijay Singh-State of U.P. [Full PDF Judgment] | Ravinder - Govt. Of Nct Of Delhi  [Full PDF Judgment] } Riju Prasad Sarma - State of Assam | R.K. Jain - Union Of India | Rakesh Baban Borhade - State of Maharashtrahtra | Ramakant Dwivedi | Ramdev Food Products Private Limited - State Of Gujarat [Full PDF Judgments] | Rameshwari Devi - Nirmala Devi | Ramgopal - State of Madhya Pradesh | Ramlila Maidan Incident DT.4/5.06.2011, SUO MOTU  [Full PDF Judgments] | Ram Phal - State | Raj Kumar [State Of Himachal Pradesh Vs. Raj Kumar] [Full PDF Judgment] | Rufina D’ souza vs. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai [Full PDF Judgment] | Ruby Begum Alias Rina Samina Vs. State (Nct) Of Delhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Ramrameshwari Devi V. Nirmala Devi | Ram Sukhi Devi-State | Rangappa - Sri Mohan | Ranjit Hazarika - State of Assam | Ranjitsing   Brahmajeetsing   Sharma   -   State   of Maharashtra | Riju Prasad Sarma - State of Assam | R.K. Garg-Union of India | Rev. Stainislaus - Madhya Pradesh | R. Gandhi, President, Madras Bar Association [Union of India - R. Gandhi, President, Madras Bar Association [Full PDF Judgment-18.05.2007] [Full PDF Judgment-11.05.2010] | R. Kalyani - Janak C. Mehta & ors. [Full PDF Judgments] | Rohit Tandon-The Enforcement Directorate [Full PDF Judgment] | Rohit-Tondan [Full PDF Judgments] | Roma Rajesh Tiwari - Rajesh D Tiwai | Romesh Thappar -The State Of Madras | R. P. KAPUR - STATE OF PUNJAB [Full PDF Judgments] | RPP Infra Projects Ltd. -. NTPC | R. Rajagopal V. State Of T.N. | R.S. Nayak - A.R. Antulay [Full PDF Judgment] | R.S. Raghunath - State of Karnataka | Rupa Ashok Hurra - Ashok Hurra [Full PDF Judgments- First Part | Second Part | Third Part | Fourth Part] | Sabarimala-Temple-Issue-Indian-Young-Lawyers-Association-State of Kerala |Sadhna Lodh - National Insurance Company [Full PDF Judgment-I] [Full PDF Judgment-II] | Sadhu Saran Singh - State Of U.P. | Sai Dr. - The State of Maharashtra | Sajjan Kumar [Full PDF Judgments] [Full PDF Judgments] | Salman Khan [State of Maharashtra-Salman Salim Khan | Samar Ghosh - Jaya Ghosh [Full PDF Judgment] | Shafhi Mohammad Vs.  The State Of Himachal Pradesh [Full Pdf Judgment] | Samarth Mittal -  Union Of India  | Samir Vidyasagar Bhardwaj-Nandita S Bhardwaj | Sanapareddy Maheedhar Seshagiri -State of Andhra | Sandeep Bera - Chief Secretary, Government of West | Sandhya Manoj Wankhade Sou. - Manoj Bhimrao Wankhade [Full PDF Judgment] | Sanjay Bansal and Another - Jawaharlal Vats | Sanjay Chandra v. Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] | Sudama Pandey Vs. State of Bihar | Sanjay Gandhi-State | Santhini - Vijaya Venketesh [Full PDF Judgment] | Sapna Sinha – GNCT | Saraswati Sugar Mills-Commissioner of Central Excise | Sardul Singh | Sarvesh Security Service Pvt. Ltd. - University Of Delhi [Full PDF Judgment] | Sarwan Singh - State [Full PDF Judgment] | Sashi Prasad Barohaa -Agricultural Income Tax Officer | Sasi Thomas -State | Satvinder Kaur – State [Full PDF Judgments] | Satyawati Tondon-United Bank of India | Santosh Alias Ravi Vs. State [Full PDF Judgment] | Sayeeda Farhana Shamim - State of Bihar | S.B. Johari [State of M.P - S.B. Johari | Sejalben Tejasbhai Chovatiya - State Of Gujrat [Full PDF Judgment] | Setu Niket - Union Of India | Mohd. Ahmed Khan Vs. Shah Bano Begum [Full PDF Judgments] | Shahabuddin, Md. -State of Bihar| Shakil Ahmad Jalaluddin Shaikh - Vahida Shakil Shaikh | Shamar Rimpoche [Holiness] - Lea Terhune | Shakti Trading Co.-CIT | Shalini Soni - Union of India | Shamim Ara  - State of U.P.  | Shamima Farooqui - Shahid Khan | Shantidevi P. Gaikwad, Her Highness Maharani - Savijbhai Haribhai Patel | Sunil Kumar  Vs. Union Of India And Ors [Punjab National Bank and Others Vs. Kunj Behari Mishra- Yoginath D. Bagde Vs. State of Maharashtra and Anrs- Rajpal Singh v. UoI & Othrs.] [Full PDF Judgment] | Sunil Kumar  Vs. Union Of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Sudhir Vohra Vs. The Union Of India [CIT Vs. East West Import & Export (P). Ltd, Jaipur- Shri Ishal Alloy Steels Ltd. v. Jayaswalas Neco Ltd- Kailash Nath Agarwal Vs. Pradeshiya Indust and Inv Corp. of U.P.- Member, Board of Revenue Vs. Arthur Paul Benthall] [Full PDF Judgment] | Shashi Tharoor (Dr. ) - Arnab Goswami [Full PDF Judgment] | Shaurya Gulati-Central Board of Secondary Education | S.R. Bommai Vs. Union of India [Full PDF Judgments] | Shayara Bano-Union Of India-Tripple Talaq [Full PDF Judgments] | Sheela Joshi - Air India (Formly Known as National Aviation Company of India Ltd. (NACIL) | Sheo Nandan Paswan-State of Bihar- Sherish Hardenia - State of M.P. [Full PDF Judgments] | Shiva Kr. Pradhan - Meena Rawat. |  Shobha Rani - Madhukar Reddi | Shreya Singhal - Union of India [Full PDF Judgments] | Shrikant Madhav Karve - The Secretary (Parivahan IV) | Shrikant Tamrakar and others - State of Madhya Pradesh | Shweta Gupta | Shyni Varghese - State | Sidharam Satlingappa Mhetre - State of Maharashtra [Full PDF Judgment] | Sidhartha Vashisht @ Manu Sharma | Sita Ram - Balbir | Delhi Development Authority-Skipper Construction Co. (P) Ltd | Someshwar Dayal - Anupama Dayal | Sonia-Gandhi [Full PDF Judgments] | Sonu Gupta-Deepak Gupta [Full PDF Judgments] | S. Panneer Selvam-State of Tamil Nadu | Special Reference No.1 Of 2012-Re- Advisory Jurisdiction | Spences Hotel P. Limited-State of West Bengal | S.P. Gupta - President Of India | SPS-rathore-IPC-S-354-509 [Full PDF Judgments] | S. Rajaseekaran (II) (Dr.) - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | S. Rangarajan - P.Jagjivan Ram | S.R. Batra and Anr. - Tarun Batra  [Full PDF Judgments] | Star Sports India Private Limited -  Prasar Bharati | St. Xaviers College Society,Ahmedabad - State Of Gujrat | Subhash Photographics-Union of India | Subramanium Sethuraman - State Of Maharashtra [Full PDF Judgments] | Subramanian Swamy - Union Of India, Ministry Of Law & Ors. [Full PDF Judgments] | Subrata Chattoraj - Union of India | Subrata-Roy-Sahara [Full PDF Judgments] | Shrikant Jain [CBI Vs. Shrikant Jain & Ors.] [Full PDF Judgments] | Subhan Tours & Travel Services - Union of India | Sudha Mishra - Surya Chandra Mishra | Sudha Mishra - Surya Chandra Mishra | Sujata Mukherjee - Prashant Kumar Mukherjee | Sudhansu Sekhar Misra-State Of Orissa [Full PDF Judgment] | Sujit Kumar Rana: State of W.B. - Sujit Kumar Rana | Shumita Didi Sandhu  - Sanjay Singh Sandhu [Full PDF Judgment] | Sunil Kumar- United India Insurance Co. Ltd.  [Full PDF Judgment] | Sunita Kachwaha & Ors. - Anil Kachwaha | Sunita Kumari Kashyap - State of Bihar | Sujatha | Sujay Mangesh Poyarekar-State Of Maharashtra [Full PDF Judgments] | Sunil Kumar V. Ram Parkash | Sunil Kumar-Vipin Kumar  | Suo Moto -  Outrage As Parents End Life After Child's Dengue Death [Full PDF Judgment-SC-12.12.2007] | Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Suraj Bhan Meena and Another - State of Rajasthan | Suresh Chand Gautam - State of Uttar Pradesh | Shibu Soren Vs. Dayanand Sahay [Full PDF Judgment] | Suresh Kalmadi – CBI | Suresh Kaushal-State of M.P. | Suresh Singh - State | Surinder Kaur Sandhu v. Harbax Singh Sandhu | Surjeet Singh - State & Anr. | Surya Kirti Thapar Vs. State Of NCT Of Delhi| Surya Vadanan - State of Tamil Nadu  [Full PDF Judgments] | Sushil Kumar Sharma - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] | Swaraj Abhiyan–(I) Vs. Union of India [Full PDF Judgments Dated-11.05.2016 | 13.05.2016-I | 13.05.16-II ] | Swatanter Kumar V. Indian Express Ltd. [Full PDF Judgments Dated-15.01.2014 | 16.01.2014] | Tamding Dorjee - Govt Of India Ministry Of External Affairs [Full PDF Judgment] | Thulia Kali Vs. State of Tamil Nadu | Teesta Atul Setalvad - The State Of Gujarat [Full PDF Judgment] | Texmaco Ltd.- State of Delhi | Tanviben Pankajkumar Divetia v. State of Gujarat | Thermax Ltd. & Ors.-K.M. Johny | T.M.A. Pai Foundation [Full PDF Judgments-31.10.2002-I 31.10.2002-II 31.10.2002-III | 31.10.2002-IV | 31.10.2002-V] | Turnaround Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd - Jet Airways (India) Ltd | Ultratech Cement Limited [Full PDF Judgment] | Umakant Kisan Mane - The Dean & Others | Umar-Khalid- [Full PDF Judgments] | Umed Ram Sharma-State Of Himachal Pradesh | Umesh Kumar - State of Andhra Pradesh [Full PDF Judgments] | U.P.SRTC-Suresh Chand Sharma |  U. Sree  - U. Srinivas [Full PDF Judgment] | Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited - Rajesh Kumar | Vangaveeti Nagaiah-State of A.P. [Full PDF Judgment] | V. Bhagat - D. Bhagat | V. C. Shukla-CBI |  Vesa Holdings P. Ltd. - State of Kerala | Vichar Kranti International- State Of Jammu And Kashmir | Vijay Laxmi Sadho (Dr. ) – Jagdish | Vikash-State | Vikram Deo Singh Tomar - State of Bihar | Vikramsinh Dattusinh Chauhan [The State of Maharashtra | Vineet Narain - Union of India [Full PDF Judgment] |Vinita Saxena-Pankaj Pandit | Vinod Bhandari v. State of Madhya Pradesh | Vinod Kumar - State Of Haryana | Vishak Bhattacharya. - The State of West Bengal | Vinod Kumar Kanojia Vs. UOI | Vishaka - State of Rajasthan-SC-13.08.1997- AIR 1997 (SC) 3011- Enforcement of the fundamental rights of working women under Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution of India- Sexual Harassment [Full PDF Judgment] | Vishwanath   Maranna   Shetty-State   of   MaharashtraVitusah Oberoi  [Full PDF Judgment] | V. Krishnakumar - State Of Tamil Nadu | V. Sreeramachandra Avadhani (D) BY L.Rs.- Shaik Abdul Rahim | Whole Woman’s Health Et Al.-Hellerstedt, Commissioner, Texas Department Of State Health Services, ET AL. | X (Changed name) - State | Yahoo Inc. - Sanjay Patel [Full PDF Judgments] | Yash Thomas Mannully, Advocate - Union Of India.

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