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    • Tamding Dorjee Vs. Govt Of India Ministry Of External Affairs-DelHC-07.11.2017- W.P.(C) 7577/2017- Issue, whether the passport facilities can be denied to the Indian citizens who are staying in designated Tibetan refugee settlements. – Held, “9. Sub-section (2) of Section 6 of the Passport Act, 1967 expressly provides that the passport can be denied only on the ground listed therein and “no other ground” [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Tanviben Pankajkumar Divetia v. State of Gujarat-Appeal Criminal 290 of 1984-SC-06.05.1997- (1997) 7 SCC 156- Circumstantial Evidence [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Tarak Singh V/S Jyoti Basu, 2005(1) Scc 2001- Appeal-Civil-6707 Of 1999-SC-19.11.2004- Judicial Discipline- “Integrity Is The Hallmark Of Judicial Discipline, Apart From Others. It Is High Time The Judiciary Took Utmost Care To See That The Temple Of Justice Does Not Crack From Inside, Which Will Lead To A Catastrophe In The Judicial-Delivery System Resulting In The Failure Of Public Confidence In The System. It Must Be Remembered That Woodpeckers Inside Pose A Larger Threat Than The Storm Outside.” [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Tarun Chandrakar Vs Kumari Bai- Court fees-Ad valorem [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Tata Sons Limited & Ors. Vs. John Doe(S) & Ors- CS(COMM) 1601/2016- Dhc-27.04.2017- Service of Summons- Whatsapp- E-mail And, directed to file affidavit of service. [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Tattu Lodhi @ Pancham Lodhi Vs, State Of Madhya Pradesh- Criminal Appeal Nos.        292-293 Of 2014 - SC- 16.09.2016 [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Teesta Atul Setalvad Vs. The State Of Gujarat- Criminal Appeal No. 1099 Of 2017- SC-15.12.2017- Seizure- Power to Seize- S-102- CrPC- Gujarat Riot Victims- Gulberg Co-Operative Housing Society Case- Absence of due procedure as specified in S-102- Question whether the police officer investigating any offence can issue prohibitory orders in respect of bank accounts in exercise of power under S-102. [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Tehseen S. Poonawalla Vs Union of India- Writ Petition-(Civil)-N0. 764 OF 2016-SC3J-17.07.2018 [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Texmaco Ltd. v. State of Delhi, Crl. M.C. 1783/2012 & Crl. M.A. 6262/2012(19/11/2013)- 2013(139) DRJ 375 [J.R. Midha, J.] [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Thermax Ltd. & Ors. Vs. K.M. Johny & Ors.-Criminal Appeal No.  1868   OF 2011-SC-27.09.11- (2011) 13 SCC 412- Quashing- In this Case the complainant was trying to circumvent period of limitation for moving the Civil Court, by filing a delayed criminal case.- Held,  power to quash criminal prosecution is justified where a criminal proceeding is instituted with malafide or ulterior motives [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Thulia Kali Vs. State of Tamil Nadu- Criminal Appeal No. 165 of 1971-SC-25.02.1972- AIR 1973 SC 501- Criminal Law- Recovery- the Supreme Court declined to believe the recovery since the person from whose house the recovery was made was not examined as a witness. [Full PDF Judgment].
    • T K Rangarajan v State of Tamil Nadu- wherein it was held that public servants must resist from carrying out strikes or actions that hamper the performance of their official duties because government servants are part and parcel of the governing body and owe a duty to the society [Full PDF Judgment].
    • T.M.A. Pai Foundation & Ors. Versus State Of Karnataka & Ors., Writ Petition (Civil) 317 Of 1993, Judgment Dated: 31.10.2002 & 25.11.2002, Bench: (i) B N Kirpal, CJI, (ii) G.B. Pattanaik, (iii) S. Rajendra Babu, (iv) K.G. Balakrishnan, (v) P. Venkatarama Reddi (vi) Arijit Pasayat, (vii) V.N.KHARE (viii) Syed Shah Mohammed Quadri (ix) S.N. Variava (x) Ashok Bhan, (xi) Ruma Pal, JJ, Supreme Court Of India, Citation: (2002) 8 SCC 481- Eleven questions considered in this Case:- Q.No.1: What is the meaning and content of the expression "minorities" in Article 30 of the Constitution of India?- Q.No.2: What is meant by the expression "religion" in Article 30(1)? Can the followers of a sect or denomination of a particular religion claim protection under Article 30(1) on the basis that they constitute a minority in the State, even though the followers of that religion are in majority in that State- Q.No.3(a) What are the indicia for treating an educational institution as a minority educational institution? Would an institution be regarded as a minority educational institution because it was established by a person(s) belonging to a religious or linguistic minority or its being administered by a person(s) belonging to a religious or linguistic minority?- Q.No.3(b)To what extent can professional education be treated as a matter coming under minorities rights under Article 30?- Q.No.4. Whether the admission of students to minority educational institution, whether aided or unaided, can be regulated by the State Government or by the University to which the institution is affiliated?- Q.No.5(a) Whether the minority’s rights to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice will include the procedure and method of admission and selection of students?- Q.No.5(b) Whether the minority institutions’ right of admission of students and to lay down procedure and method of admission, if any, would be affected in any way by the receipt of State aid?- Q.No.5(c) Whether the statutory provisions which regulate the facets of administration like control over educational agencies, control over governing bodies, conditions of affiliation including recognition/withdrawal thereof, and appointment of staff, employees, teachers and Principals including their service conditions and regulation of fees, etc. would interfere with the right of administration of minorities?- Q.No.6(a) Where can a minority institution be operationally located? Where a religious or linguistic minority in State ’A’ establishes an educational institution in the said State, can such educational institution grant preferential admission/reservations and other benefits to members of the religious/linguistic group from other States where they are non-minorities?- Q.No.6(b)   Whether it would be correct to say that only the members of that minority residing in State ’A’ will be treated as the members of the minority vis-vis such institution?- Q.No.7 Whether the member of a linguistic non-minority in one State can establish a trust/society in another State and claim minority status in that State? A. This question need not be answered by this Bench; it will be dealt with by a regular Bench.- Q.No.8. Whether the ratio laid down by this Court in the St. Stephen’s case(St. Stephen’s College vs. University of Delhi [(1992) 1 SCC 558] is correct? If no, what order?- Q.No.9 Whether the decision of this Court in Unni Krishnan J.P. vs. State of A.P.[(1993) 1 SCC 645] (except where it holds that primary education is a fundamental right) and the scheme framed thereunder require reconsideration/modification and if yes, what?- Q.No.10    Whether the non-minorities have the right to establish and administer educational institution under Articles 21 and 29(1) read with Articles 14 and 15(1), in the same manner and to the same extent as minority institutions?- Q.No.11    What is the meaning of the expressions "Education" and "Educational Institutions" in various provisions of the Constitution? Is the right to establish and administer educational institutions guaranteed under the Constitution? [Full PDF Judgments- 31.10.2002-I 31.10.2002-II 31.10.2002-III | 31.10.2002-IV | 31.10.2002-V].
    • Trump Vs. International Refugee Assistance Project- Issue, Travel Ban order that imposes a ban on entry of individuals from six countries namely, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syriya, and Yemen, etc.- Intl.- USA- United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) [Full PDF Judgment] Other Related Orders  Trump Vs. Hawaii- Order Dated-26.06.2018 [Full PDF Judgment]
    • Turnaround Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd v. Jet Airways (India) Ltd- DelHC-30.05.2006- (MANU/DE/8741/2006) - Corporate, Business & Commercial Law- Commercial Contracts- Determinable Clauses- Termination Clause- Principle of “just, fair and devoid of arbitrariness” [Full PDF Judgment].

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