• Judgments-I

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    • IDBI Trusteeship Services Ltd. Vs. Hubtown Ltd.- Civil Appeal No.-10860 Of 2016- SC-15.11.2016 [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.  Vs. S & D Hospitality- CS-(COMM)-111 Of 2017- DelHC-03.01.2018- O-XXXIX, R-1 & 2- O-VII, R-10- Trademarks- Injunction & Stay- Jurisdiction [Full PDF Judgment]  
    • Independent Thought  Vs. Union of India- Writ Petition (Civil) No. 382 OF 2013- SC-11.10.2017- Sex With Minor Wife- Sexual intercourse between a man and his wife being a girl between 15 and 18 years of age is rape- POSCO- Ocular Evidence, Medical Evidence, Forensic Evidence, Documentary Evidence, Police Investigation- Age Determination [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indian Airlines Ltd. Vs Prabha D Kanan, Civil Appeal No.4767 of 2006, Judgment Dated-10.11.2006, Bench: S B Sinha & Dalveer Bhandari, JJ, Supreme Court Of India, AIR 2007 SC 548- Issue, Constitutionality and/ or validity of Regulation of the Indian Airlines (Flying Crew) Service Regulations was examined in this Appeals, arising out of a judgment and order dated 30th August, 2005 passed by the High Court of Bombay in Writ Petition No.2030 of 2003 [Full PDF Judgments]. 
    • Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) (P) Ltd. V. Union Of India- SC-06.12.1984- (1985) 1 SCC 641- Fundamental Rights- Art.-19(1)(A)- Speech & Expression- Restrictions under Cl (2)- Freedom Of Press [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indian Hotel & Restaurants Assn. & Others- State of Maharashtra & Anr. Vs. Indian Hotel & Restaurants Assn. & Others, Civil Appeal No. 2705 Of 2006, Judgment Dated: 16.07.2013, Bench: Altamas Kabir, CJI & Surinder Singh Nijjar, JJ, Supreme Court Of India-Issue, Bar dancer's- Substantial question of law, Whether 33A of the Bombay Police Act, 1951 as inserted by the Bombay Police (Amendment) Act, 2005 is ultra vires Articles 14 and 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India [Full PDF Judgment]
    • Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering Versus Union of India [DB], WP (C) No. 3513 Of 2012, Judgment Dated: 21.05.2013, Bench: D. Murugesan, C.J. & Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, J., Delhi High Court- Citation: 2013(30) STR 689- Aircraft Rules, 1937- Rule 133-B- Rules and CAR issued by DGCA- The Civil Aviation Requirement [CAR]- Nature of-  Held, Rules and the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) dealing with aircrafts are law- Narsingh Pratap Singh Deo Vs. State of Orissa, AIR 1964 SC 1793 & R.S. Nayak Vs. A.R. Antulay, (1984) 2 SCC 183, Referred (Para 26) [Full PDF Judgment]
    • Indian Institute Of Planning And Management Vs. Delhi Press Patra Prakashan P. Ltd.Anr-CS-OS-3354 Of 2015-DelHC-16.02.2018 [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indian Medical Association- Vs State Of Maharashtra- WRIT PETITION NO.4579 of 2005- BomHC- 21.10.2016-Commercial Establishments-Shops & Establishment- Private Doctors Clinic [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. v. Amritsar Gas Service and Ors.- SC-19.11.1990 (1991)-1-SCC-533- Corporate, Business & Commercial Law- Commercial Contracts- Determinable Clauses- Termination Clause- Principle of “just, fair and devoid of arbitrariness” [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indian Oil Coporation Ltd. [IOCL] Vs. National Commission For Scheduled Tribes & Anr.- W.P.(C) 9186 of 2016- DelHC-09.01.2018- National Commission for Scheduled Tribes Art.-338A of Constitution of India- The Commission is not an Alternative Forum for dispute resolution and has no adjudicatory function [Full PDF Judgment]. 
    • Indian-Young-Lawyers-Association-Vs-State of Kerala.-SC-13.10.2017-Writ Petition (Civil) No. 373 Of 2006 [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indira Nehru Gandhi  Vs. Raj Narain & Anr.- Appeal Civil 887 of 1975- SC-24.06.1975- 1975- AIR- 1590= 1975- SCC- (2)- 159 [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indira Nehru Gandhi  Vs. Raj Narain & Anr.- Appeal Civil 887 of 1975- SC-07.11.1975- 1975 AIR 2299 = 1976 (2) SCR 347 = 1975 Suppl. SCC 1 [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indira Jaising Vs. Supreme Court Of India - Writ Petition -C - No. 454 Of 2015 - SC- 12.10.2017- Issue, Designation of Advocate as Senior [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indore Development Authority  Vs Shailendra (Dead) Through Lrs.-Sc-07.12.2017- Civil Appeal No.20982 Of 2017-Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013- Section 24- Compensation Not paid- Validity of  Land Acquisition-Whether Acquisition lapsed?- Or higher interest U/S-Section 34 of the 1894 Act entails?- Related Cases- Yogesh Neema Vs. State Of M.P. - SC-12.01.2016- Special Leave To Appeal (C) No(S). 10742 Of 2008 [Full PDF Judgment]- Pune Municipal Corporation Vs. Harakchand Misirimal Solanki- 3JBSC-24.01.2014-Civil Appeal No. 877 OF 2014 [Full PDF Judgment]- Matter referred to larger bench [Full PDF Judgment]. 
    • Indra Pal Singh (I.P. Singh) Versus State Of U.P. Thru Prin. Secy. Home Civil Sectt. Lucknown &Ors., MISC. BENCH No.- 13915 of 2016, Judgment Dated: 13.06.2016, Bench: Suneet Kumar & Shri Narayan Shukla, JJ, Allahabad High Court- Frivolous & mischievous petition, being filed for personal gains & instituted at the behest of a person seeking publicity.- The Hc referred to and relied upon, Holicow Pictures Pvt. Ltd. Versus Prem Chandra Mishra and others, AIR 2008 SC 913, wherein the SC had observed as follows: "10. When there is material to show that a petition styled as a public interest litigation is nothing but a camouflage to foster personal disputes, the said petition is to be thrown out…”- The public interest aspect was also discussed in this Case., seeking to distinguish between “Public Interest Litigation” [PIL], "publicity interest litigation" or "private interest litigation" or "politics interest litigation" or "paise income litigation".- The Court further observed, “If not properly regulated and abuse averted, it becomes also a tool in unscrupulous hands to release vendetta and wreck vengeance, as well. There must be real and genuine public interest involved in the litigation and not merely an adventure of knight errant borne out of wishful thinking.” [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indra Sarma  Vs. V.K.V. Sarma- SC-26.11.2013- Criminal Appeal No. 2009 Of 2013- Domestic Relationship U/S-2(f)- DV Act- Domestic Violence U/S-3- DV Act- “Whether a “live-in relationship” would amount to a “relationship in the nature of marriage” falling within the definition of “domestic relationship” under Section 2(f) of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (for short “the DV Act”) and the disruption of such a relationship by failure to maintain a women involved in such a relationship amounts to “domestic violence” within the meaning of Section 3 of the DV Act” [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indra Sawhney Vs Union Of India-8JBSC-16.11.1992- AIR 1993 SC 477= 1992 Supp (3) SCC 217= 1992 Supp 2 SCR 454- Service Law- Reservation- Articles 16(4), 16(4A) and 16(4B) of the Constitution of India [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Indu Munshi And Ors Vs. UOI And Ors. - LPA 286 Of 2015, Rev.Pet.374 Of 2016 - DelHC- 23.05.2018 [Full PDF Judgment]
    • Inhuman Conditions In 1382 Prisons- Writ Petition (Civil) No. 406 Of 2013-SC-15.09.2017- Prison Reforms- Bail- A Letter Writ Petition- Letter Dated 13th June, 2013 By  R.C. Lahoti, Former Chief Justice Of India, Based On A Report, As Reflected In A Graphic Story Appearing In Dainik Bhaskar (National Edition) On 24th March, 2013- Writ Petition (Civil) No.406 of 2013, Judgment Dated: 05.02.2016, Bench: Madan B. Lokur & R.K. Agrawal, JJ, Supreme Court Of India - Prisoner's right to dignity- A prisoner is required to be treated as a human being entitled to all the basic human rights, human dignity and human sympathy.- Multiple directions issued [Full PDF Judgment].
    • Inox Wind Ltd. Vs. Thermocables Ltd- Civil Appeal No. 19 of2018- SC-S-11(6)- Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996- Appointment of an arbitrator- The purchase order is a single contract and general reference to the standard form even if it is not by a trade association or a professional body is sufficient for incorporation of the arbitration clause. [Full PDF Judgment]
    • International Asset Reconstruction Company Of India Ltd. Versus The Official Liquidator Of Aldrich Pharmaceuticals Ltd. -SC-24.10.2017- Civil Appeal No.16962 OF 2017- Banking & Finance- Issue, Limitation- DRT has no power to condone delay under limitation Act [Full PDF Judgment].
    • International Confederation Of Societies Of Authors And Composers (Cisac) Vs. Aditya Pandey & Ors. - Civil Appeal Nos. 9412-9413 Of 2016 - Sc -20.09.2016 [Full PDF Judgment]. 
    • Ishaan Research Lab [Commissioner of Central Excise v. Ishaan Research Lab (P) Ltd.]- Civil Appeal No. 7357-7372 of 2001, Judgment: 08.09.2008, Bench: Ashok Bhan, J. & V.S. Sirpurkar, J., Supreme Court Of India, Citation: 2008(13) SCR 208: 2008(13) SCC 349: 2008(10) JT 1: 2008(12) SCALE 270: 2008(230) ELT 7- Environmental Law- Excise and Customs- Ayurvedic medicines- Scope- Products `Bio- Heena' and `Bio Heena leaf' may not be called as Ayurvedic Medicine- Assessee rightly gave up his claim of classification of theses products under Chapter 30 and more precisely under Entry 3003.30- Central Excise Tariff- Items 3003.30, 3304 & 3305 [Full PDF Judgment]
    • Ishwari Prasad Mishra Versus Mohammad Isa, Date Of Judgment: 27/08/1962, Bench: Gajendragadkar P.B., Gupta K.C. Das & Dayal Raghubar, JJ, Supreme Court Of India, Citation: 1963 AIR 1728= 1963 SCR (3) 722- Section-107. Powers of Appellate Court.- Duty of the appellate Judges in dealing with the judgment of the lower court- Criticism of the trial Judge or the witnesses-Extravagant language to be avoided.- The High Court made some observations criticizing some of the witnesses examined in the case suggesting that they had consipired to give false evidence.- The Supreme Court after carefully considering the matter fully was satisfied that the amputations made by the High Court against the impartiality and the objectivity of the approach adopted by the trial Judge were wholly unjustified.- Held, that the High Court erred in using extravagant language in criticizing the trial court; that the use of strong language and imputation of corrupt motives should not be made light-heartedly because the judge against whom the imputations are made has no remedy in law to vindicate his position.  Held, further, that the High Court was, similarly, in error in its criticism of some the witnesses examined in the case as showing a tendency to regard every witness whose evidence the High Court did not feel inclined to accept, as a perjuror and a conspirator [Full PDF Judgments].
    • Ismail Farooqui- (1994) 6 SCC 360 [Full PDF Judgment].

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