• Injunction & Stay- Vital Grounds

  • Vital Grounds which needed to be pleaded for procuring ad-interim injunction Orders

    Fulfilment of Triple Test

    1. Strong prima facie case got to be in favour of the Plaintiff,
    2. The balance of convenience got to be in favour of the Plaintiff,
    3. Irreparable loss and injury- The Plaintiff, in case the injunction is not granted, shall suffer an irreparable loss and injury.

    Other Grounds-In-General

    1. The Plaint of the Plaintiff is most likely to succeed. 
    2. To prevent the abuse of the process of the Court.
    3. Fraud on the Party & the Court by intentionally, deliberately and mischievously making a false representation to cause deliberate loss to the other side.
    4. For the ends of justice.
    5. Seriously disputed questions of facts

    The captioned subject is complex by its very nature. We, therefore, always encourage our visitors & Clients to seek an independent legal advice by our empanelled lawyers. In such Cases, our lawyers devise most appropriate legal recourse for our Clients after examining the related provisions of law, i.e  The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, The Limitation Act, 1963, The Evidence Act, 1872, Other relevant Acts & Judgments and Citations of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Of India and the High Courts. Even otherwise, the question as to how to apply the laws, judgments and citations is rather more complex, as it involves a thorough examination of substantial laws, procedural laws and Court precedents in a given set of facts and circumstances. 

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