• Due Diligence In India

  • Hello Counsel assists its clients in conducting due diligence for assessing legal position and credibility of their potential business partners, before entering into major transactions like joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, transfer of shares, commercial lease, etc.  

    We conduct due diligence of corporate documents, title deeds and records, capital and share holding details, credits and borrowing, tax, valuation of assets and intellectual property, filings with the ROC, etc.

    Our due diligence reports are comprehensive, integrated and present true valuations. Our due diligence meets the specific requirements of the industry and the transaction. We have conducted due diligence for various private and multinational companies.

    We conduct due diligence even in matrimonial and family matters to help our clients assess their available legal options to ward off, as also to face head on, the court cases which their spouse & family members thrust upon them.     

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    • Family Matters- Due Diligence Of the Properties of the Spouse and his/ her family members
    • Non Resident & Foreigner- Due Diligence In Regard To Their Corporate, Business & Commercial Matters, as also Matrimonial & Family Matters.  

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