• Delhi Police Act, 1978: Bare Act

  • Delhi Police Act, 1978


    Special measures for maintenance of public order and security of State

    • Section-38. Employment of additional police to keep peace.
    • Section-39. Employment of additional police in cases of special danger to public peace.
    • Section-40. Employment of additional police at large work and when apprehension regarding behaviour of employees exists. Section-41. Compensation for injury caused by unlawful assembly how recoverable.
    • Section-42. Dispute in regard to cost of deputing additional compensation under Sec. 41.
    • Section-43. Recovery of amount payable under Sec. 38, 39, 40 or 41.
    • Section-44. Collector to award compensation.
    • Section-45. Recovery of amounts payable under Secs. 39 and 41.
    • Section-46. Dispersal of gangs and bodies of persons.
    • Section-47. Removal of persons about to commit offences.
    • Section-48. Removal of persons convicted of certain offences.
    • Section-49. Period of operation of orders under Sec. 46, 47 or 48.
    • Section-50. Hearing to be given before order under Sec. 46, 47 or 48 is passed.
    • Section-51. Appeal against orders under Sec. 46, 47 or 48.
    • Section-52. Finality or order in certain cases.
    • Section-53. Procedure on failure of person to leave the area and his entry therein after removal.
    • Section-54. Temporary permission to enter and consequences of non-observance of conditions of such permission.
    • Section-55. Taking measurements and photographs, etc.,
    • Section-56. Resistance to the taking of measurements, etc.  
    • Section-57. Banning of use of dress, etc., resembling uniform of armed forces.
    • Section-58. Constitution of Defence Societies.

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