• Appeal [Civil]

  • Civil Appeal Under The Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908

    • Appeal (Civil)- Regular First Appeals (RFA)-U/S-96 CPC-100 CPC  |  Second Appeal.
    • Grounds for Condonation of delay in preferring Appeal
    • Stay by Appellate Court
    • Stay by Court which passed the decree 
    • Dismissal of Appeal for Appellant’s default
    • Re-admission of Appeal dismissed for default 
    • Re-hearing on Application of Respondent against whom ex parte Decree made 
    • Appeal by Indigent Person 
    • Appeal to the Supreme Court 
    • Power of Appellate Court 
    • Remand of case by the Appellate Court 
    • Where Appellate Court may frame issues and refer them for trial to the Court whose Decree Appealed from 
    • Production of additional evidence before the Appellate Court
    • Which Court To Be Approached To File Civil Appeal
    • Relevant Provisions For Civil Appeal
    • Judgments & Orders On Civil Appeal.

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